d-room is an investigation into communication in virtual 3D space.
It is insprired by paper dolls, shopping sprees with friends, online shopping and dressing room experiences.
d-room is a 3D space inhabited by two avatars/dolls, similar to the ones on the right side (without clothes). The dolls can be shifted and rotated in that space. The arm of the dolls will be rubberlike, i.e. an arm can be torn via mouse drag in order to be able to "grab", "touch" or "attach" something in the 3D environment. The more a user drags an arm the longer the arm gets. There will be a graphical user interface on the side, from which each user may pick 3D graphical primitives representing "clothes", i.e. the arms can drag "clothes" from the graphical user interface and attach it to the other doll/avatar, as if the avatars would dress themselves.
Each user may supply her/his own texture or draw on the "clothes", i.e. design the clothes.
Communication is over the internet, verbal communication is via voice stream, like e.g. via skype. "Goal" of a communication session will be to dress each other with custom-made "clothes"/graphical objects.
With d-room emphasis is put on the communicative aspect, not on the visual outcome, however we hope that we will get interesting final views, if Rhizome members use d-room. It is envisaged to record the communication sessions.

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