Mimirix has been programmed as a Bachelor Project in the winter semester 2012 at the Berlin school HTW by the students Thomas Alpers, Martin Bilsing, Igne Degutyte, Florian Demmer, Felix Griewald and Johanna von Raußendorff, it was supervised by Nadja Kutz. It is a collaborative environment which enables the processing of semantic web data within the Ressource Description Framework (RDF) in a rather visual, intuitive and user friendly way. It is not adressing a semantic web informed audience, but suitable for a general audience. The frontend of Mimirix allows multiple users to log into the environment and to create and share RDF graphs. A video which gives a demonstration about the functionality of the client is provided in a MimirixClient video. The software is envisaged to get some free/open source licence.

screenshot of a dbpedia graph
screenshot of a dbpedia graph in the socalled "Circle mode"-Client view within Mimirix

screenshot of a dbpedia graph
screenshot of Mimirix interface for the user graph management in the socalled grid view

on possible further project development:
Please see the Azimuth project article Examples of semantic web applications and environment

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